This page is for those who are already a student at the Department of Sociology. If you are curious about our courses and programs you can find more information on this under education

Our courses

In the list below you will find the department's courses at both the first cycle and seconded cycle  (master level). Please note that some courses only are given within certain programs, and you cannot apply to them as a freestanding course! Select semester in the box below and then choose whether you want to see the courses alphabetically or sorted by level (basic / advanced level). Links will take you through to the Student Portal. Observe that the first cycle courses only are given in Swedish.

Samhällsvenskapliga fakultetens periodindelningar


Våren 2020

Hösten 2020

Våren 2021

Hösten 2021

Våren 2022

1 20/1-19/2 31/8-30/9 18/1-21/2 30/8-30/9 17/1-17/2
2 20/2-25/3 1/10-3/11 22/2-28/3 1/10-3/11 18/2-23/3
3 26/3-30/4 4/11-7/12 29/3-3/5 4/11-7/12 24/3-1/5
4 1/5-7/6 8/12-17/1 4/5-6/6 8/12-16/1 2/5-5/6