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Upcoming seminars and workshops, spring 2020

4 February
Linda Arnell, Örebro University (presentation): Violence of girls. Discourses of violence, gender and femininity.
Discussion about future activites and budget

25 February
Draft proposals for VR (manuscripts)
Clara Iversen (paper manuscript): Responding to hopelessness

17 March
Elisabet Näsman (manuscript): Feelings and feeling strategies among vulnerable children
Maritha Jacobsson (data workshop): Prosecutor and defense counselor strategies to distribute guilt in court interactions with victims of rape

7 April
Emma Laurin (manuscript of data workshop): Mothers of children diagnosed with ADHD and autism
Petter Ingemarsson (paper manuscript): Becoming a football hooligan – the process of joining a football firm 

28 April
Draft proposals for Forte’s 2nd stage (manuscripts)
Stefan Sjöström (manuscript):  Tensions between crime solving and supporting the victim in male rape – experiences of victims and police investigators

19 May
Vessela Misheva (paper feedback): On the Evolution of Moral Emotions: Shame and Guilt
Nina Törnqvist (paper feedback): Drizzling sympathy: sympathy flows and ideal victims in Swedish courts

9 June
Stina Bergman Blix (paper feedback): title TBA 
Stina Lindegren (paper feedback): Sexual offenders’ Self-reports and Therapists’ Ratings of Change in Criminogenic needs Post-treatment: a Pilot study of the Swedish Prison and Probation Service’s Treatment Programme - Seif

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