Current information about the Corona virus

Decision of the Head of Department (15.6.2020) regarding work and studies at the Department of Sociology during the fall semester of 2020.

Unless conflicting orders are given centrally from the University, work and studies at the Department of Sociology will be organized in the following way during the fall semester of 2020:


Teaching will continue during the fall mainly through digital channels. Exemptions will be made for the H-VFU and some parts of CESAR’s (Centrum för socialt arbete) practical training. The Director of CESAR will inform specifically on those at a later time. Exemptions from digital mode of education may be made after decisions from the Directors of Studies regarding certain parts, which will then be performed at the campus while still maintaining physical distance. Even in the exempted parts, digital participation needs to be made available in order to maintain protection from contagion. In order to develop methods of communication with the students during this period, we encourage our Faculty Program Officers and Directors of Studies to develop virtual ways to communicate together with teachers.


Regarding education at the level of graduate studies, each teacher may decide together with the doctoral students how to best organize the studies. A mixture of digital and physical modes can be employed in these smaller groups. The Public Health Authority’s rulings regarding physical distancing should be followed.


The office work will continue in the same fashion as it has done since the outbreak of the epidemic. All who are able can – after consulting their nearest supervisor – choose whether and to what extent they will work from the Department or from home. At the Department all rulings of the Public Health Authority are to be followed, both as regards social distancing and other ways to reduce contagion.